Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


...has mostly gone well, though as usual my voice is going. The morning session (Forgotten Futures) went as planned, which considering I wrote most of it at 2 AM last night is somewhat surprising. The adventurers unearthed Mad Empress Margaret's dark secret, managed to avoid blowing up themselves or the great London Pyramid, and survived contact with the Emperor. They even got a new spaceship out of the deal, on the understanding that they make themselves VERY scarce for a few years while certain awkward details are buried again. Raised £18 for Cancer Research from the players, to whom MANY thanks.

The afternoon adventure pitted a group of intelligent machines (a toaster, an android head, a road building machine and an angry Roomba) against multiple apocalypses, but went off the rails when the adventurers set off to an oncoming asteroid instead of heading for Hogwarts, where they might have done something to stop things. The earth was, of course, horribly doomed, and ended badly, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Ended the afternoon with a game of Ogre - destroyed the enemy base but very little else before my ogre was destroyed - and now the auction has just begun - they just sold a dice bag for £20 so hopefully a lot will be raised for charity.

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