Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Twisting the Hellmouth login mystery solved

Someone came up with a solution to the weird inability to stay logged in at Twisting the Hellmouth. It turns out to have nothing to do with browser compatibility, Windows 7, 32 versus 64 bit, firewalls, etc. etc. It's purely a matter of whether you log in to the site after getting to it by entering or as the URL!

If you type then log in everything is fine, cookies are properly saved, etc.

If you type you still end op at the site, and if you are already logged in things are fine. But if you log in after getting to that URL the cookie generated is invalid and is properly rejected by your browser.

What I think happened is that the first time I went to the site with the new PC I typed then created a speed dial button pointing to that address, not - the same with the iPad and with the other browsers I tried. So every time I tried to log in it failed to stick, and because the address appeared to be correct it wasn't apparent that that was the cause.

I'm not sure why Chrome worked - I suspect that it either automatically added in the www, or didn't check the cookies properly, but I haven't checked which yet.

The reason for this is that whichever system generates the cookies truncates the URL from the front - if you use it's in the cookie as, which is a plausible URL, if you use it's stored as .org, which is an invalid URL, so the cookie is rejected.

There's probably a lesson here about laziness or something, but I think I'll just go with being pleased that things are finally working properly.

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