Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Paint programs - OSX 10.4 and PowerPC compatible?

I've been playing around with the Wacom tablet on my PC and the ibook. The right drivers etc. help considerably, and it ought to be fairly useful.

One thing I realised is that I don't have a good paint program for the ibook. I think I did have something at one time, but I must have deleted it at some point, can't imagine why. Since this is an iBook G4 most modern software won't work, so I'm looking for something old and suitable for a PowerPC processor, OS X Tiger, and preferably free since I probably won't use it much.

Really DON'T want Gimp, before anyone suggests it, I've never been able to work with it properly for some reason. I've found a very simple program called Paintbrush, but it isn't really very versatile. Any suggestions on something a little better?

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