Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Bloody Marie - Eine Frau mit Biss

I think I asked here a while ago about getting the German DVD of Innocent Blood, a vampire / mafia movie which is somewhat bloody and has quite a lot of nudity. The German title is Bloody Marie - Eine Frau mit Biss. I particularly wanted this release because there has never been a UK release, and the American release is

a - NTSC so colour and resolution aren't wonderful
b - appears to be the video version transferred to DVD so quality isn't wonderful
c - Cropped to 4:3 format
d - Cut for sex and violence

The German release appears to be full widescreen and is allegedly uncut. It costs about 12 euros on if you look at second hand prices, but the cheapest on Amazon UK is an eye-watering £25, ditto eBay etc.

However, I was just doing another search and found that had it listed... at £1.99!

Hopefully this will turn out to be true, and I'll get it next week - not sure how many copies they have, but if anyone else is interested it may be worth a look.

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