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Marcus L. Rowland

Bloody Marie again

The German DVD of John Landis' Bloody Marie - Eine Frau mit Biss just arrived and in picture quality at least is much better than the US DVD of Innocent Blood. It's true widescreen, and appears to have been recorded from the original film. That gives a massive improvement over the US DVD, which I think was simply a cleaned-up copy of the (cropped to "standard" TV) video, and is a little fuzzy with fairly crappy colour. It's apparently uncut, but I don't have time to check that right now - the time shown on both boxes is roughly the same: 112 minutes for Innocent Blood, "ca. 110 minuten" (which I assume is circa 110 minutes) for Bloody Marie..., so any differences between them must be pretty small. I don't unfortunately have the technology or time to do a frame-by-frame comparison! But things like the opening nude scene seem unchanged, so I'm guessing there aren't major cuts in either version, or not as bad as I was originally told.

Menus are in German, but even I was able to work out how to switch the language to English easily enough. I can't comment on the accuracy of the German dubbing etc., but the rest seems to have been done very well so hopefully that was too.

Bottom line - if you can play R2 DVDs and don't mind American Werewolf levels of nudity and violence this is a very good buy, a quirky and often very funny movie, and well worth a look at £2. then enter "Bloody marie" into search and scroll down to DVDs. There's no box picture, but it's the right one. Don't know if they sell/ship outside the UK.

later - More about it here

following their links to comparison of the different versions, it looks like the biggest difference is a scene in which one of the vampires is burned "alive," which is considerably longer in the German DVD.

I've decided to sell my region 1 copy on eBay
Starting at 99p as usual.

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