Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More bargains of sorts

I wanted to pick up a can of black paint from Poundland, so (having totally misjudged the weather) went out without an umbrella, and arrived at Poundland a bit damp. Needless to say the paint was out of stock, but I got some other things I wanted and one that may be useful - a copy of the Computer Shopper guide to Linux, which included a free CD with Ubuntu 12.04 - not the latest version, but it's the current long-term support version I have on my old PCs, so hopefully the book will be fairly useful. I also noticed (but didn't buy) several blu-ray discs in their DVD section - unfortunately they look to be fairly crappy action-adventure stuff so I didn't buy any, but hopefully that's a sign of better things to come.

Took the remaining region 1 DVDs to Oxfam, and (as one does) checked out their shelves, especially the buy one, get one free offer on DVD boxed sets. As usual this did not end well - I spent a tenner on Planet Earth, Blood Ties, Gossip Girl S4 (have S1-3 already) and Luthor S2. At some point I really need to start watching these things...

Later on I'm heading out to the Isle of Dogs to pick up a table I found on Gumtree. It's the right size for my wide printer and has two lower shelves for paper etc. This one seems to be designed fairly strong, for office use, so hopefully will be OK. The best part is the price - £8! Not looking forward to this trek, so wish me luck!

later - got the table; bit of a boring trek but it's OK, made of tubular aluminium and MDF and I'd imagine is some sort of Ikea model since it uses their hex-socket screws. Nothing fancy but it does the job.

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