Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Letter Meme

major_clanger gave me M. Probably not the best set of answers ever, but it's about the best I can come up with tonight:

Something I hate: Mice. Despite being a biologist the little bastards really annoy me, as does the damage they do and the mess they leave. Currently I'm (hopefully) mouse-free, apart from the frozen ones I keep for the snakes.

Something I love: Marmite, I really love the savoury yeasty taste - unfortunately the stuff is loaded with salt and really bad for me. I don't dare buy Twiglets and other foods made with it because I scoff them in about ten seconds...

Somewhere I have been: Milton Keynes. I've been through there a few times, never stopping long. It doesn't look as awful as some claim, but I've never been there without a motorbike, I suspect that it would be a bugger without transport. I've even written some fanfic which doesn't destroy the place, They Saved Milton Keynes, a Top Gear / Wallace and Gromit / multiple others crossover.

Somewhere I would like to go: Mars. Fat chance; medical limits aside, I'm claustrophobic enough that I think I'd freak out aboard a spaceship eventually. Metropolis, if the place actually existed and I could be sure I wouldn't be zapped by invading aliens or Lex Luthor. More realistically, Manhattan might be interesting some time, but I'm trying to avoid air travel as much as possible so it'll have to wait for the Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!

Someone I know: Oddly difficult, since I know several Ms - I'll go with Matt Goodman, of Heliograph Inc., who published several Forgotten Futures books and Diana: Warrior Princess. A nice guy who I don't see often enough.

Best Movie: While I'm tempted to go with M I'm not actually a huge film noir fan. Metropolis is another possibility, of course, fitting in to a lot of my interests, but on the whole I think I'm going to go with Monty Python's Life of Brian; the Pythons were a big influence on my sense of humour etc., and I think it's their best film (though Holy Grail and Meaning of Life come close).

Ask for a letter in comments if you want to give this meme a try.

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