Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Another furniture trek

I decided that the small table I got for the printer was too low, so I've been looking around for something a bit taller. Today I found something on gumtree for a tenner - from the picture I thought it was the large version of Ikea's GORMM shelves, cut down a bit in height, but the wood is a lot thicker, so I'm not sure now. As usual I had to trek out to the arse end of nowhere - in this case East Dulwich - but fortunately the route back was fairly straightforward, a bus then two trains with a relatively easy interchange. I say fortunately because it's HEAVY - I'm guessing 20kg or more - and moving it was not fun. Unlike the MDF one, this one was big and heavy enough to make an entire fleet of rafts, and wouldn't turn to mush if it got wet, but fortunately it was actually a fairly nice day anyway.


It's about 90cm wide, 115cm high, and 50cm deep, and so far is accommodating the wide printer, a lot of paper, and other odds and ends, with a lot of room to spare. So long as it doesn't collapse I'm reasonably happy with it. And with a bit of luck the other table I got may be useful elsewhere - I'm thinking of reorganising my video stuff.

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