Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Good news!

The new CF card for the Nikon D70s arrived today. I put it in and tried it - and it seems to work perfectly. I can only assume that the previous owner somehow messed up his cards, which can apparently happen if you access them via a card reader rather than through the camera.

The only problem I didn't understand was that the counter for frame number is reading 1.1 - but I just realised that there's a teeny "K" there too, as in 1.1 thousand pictures left on the 4gb card!

Next step will be to make sure that everything really is OK and that e.g. the sensor isn't dusty, file transfer works, etc. But so far it's looking very good.

I've just realised that it has a socket for a remote control timer/sequencer, which means that if I wanted to spend another £20 or so I can set it up to do time lapse photography.

Anyway, count me VERY pleased!

Update a few minutes later - everything seems to be ok!

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