Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Looking for a cheap demodulator

One of the things I'd like but really can't justify buying is an AC-3 RF demodulator - a gizmo that sits between a laserdisc player and a home cinema amplifier and converts AC-3 digital sound tracks to surround sound. I narrowly missed getting an amp that had this built-in when I bought my home cinema setup,; Richer Sounds ran out a few days earlier - and never bothered to buy one after that because PAL laserdiscs don't have AC-3 tracks, they're only found on some NTSC discs, and I only had a couple of discs that supported it. But when I bought my current laserdisc player the vendor threw in 30-odd disks with AC-3 tracks, and it would be nice to hear them properly.

It isn't essential because they also have digital stereo tracks, but if I could get hold of one cheaply I'd love to see what it can do. If anyone can point me at a cheap source (MUCH cheaper than the one currently on ebay UK which is £85 including delivery) I'd be grateful.

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