Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The Black Flame and The New Adam - Eligible for Retro-Hugo

Just realised that Stanley Weinbaum's The Black Flame is eligible for the 1939 retro-Hugo awards at this year's Worldcon. While it's usually published with its prelude Dawn of Flame, The Black Flame on its own is a stand-alone novel-length work. The New Adam is also eligible, though I don't personally feel that it's as good, others may differ.

This is Weinbaum's last year of eligibility as far as I know, since I'm pretty sure all his other posthumously-published works were published in years that had Hugo awards.

later - I'm an idiot - it's works appearing in 1938 that are eligible. Which means his only eligible stories are

"Revolution of 1950" 10-11/38 Amazing (with Roger Sherman Hoar writing as Ralph Milne Farley)
"Tidal Moon" in 12/38 Thrilling Wonder (with Helen Weinbaum, his sister)

Neither unfortunately his best work.

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