Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Canalway Cavalcade day 1

Went along to the Canalway Cavalcade today, taking with me my Fuji bridge camera and the little Praktica stereo camera/camcorder thing. It was a lovely day, reasonably warm and very bright, so I took a good few pictures - I've omitted a lot of duplicates. It was about the same as previous years, with dozens of canal boats showing off to the public, but there seemed to be slightly less bric-a-brac etc. on sale, in favour of children's rides and more food stalls. Some books on offer, mostly pretty cheap, but none I especially wanted. I'll probably go again tomorrow or Monday, there might be different stuff on offer as it goes on.

First the Fuji pictures, which I think came out pretty well








The results from the 3D camera were frankly a little disappointing, to such an extent that I'm probably not going to keep it - I don't want to use it as a video or mono stills camera, and its 3D stills performance is fairly poor. There are also some basic problems with using it in bright sunlight - stereo mode darkens the screen, and you can barely see what's happening as you use it. The images are large files but fairly poor in terms of resolution, focus, and jagged artefacts etc. - I've had to manipulate the images to get them to the correct aspect ratio, and photobucket has shrunk them a bit, and I'm just not convinced the results are worth the effort. I made the last one into red/cyan colour and monochrome stereo anaglyphs, for those who prefer to use stereo glasses, it's probably about the best of a not particularly good bunch.

The event is on again tomorrow and Monday, and I recommend it to anyone who's at a loose end in London over the bank holiday weekend. I forgot to say that Paddington Station now has a canalside exit (by the Hammersmith and City platform) - in the last picture it's a little beyond the next bridge - so it's VERY easy to get to. It's not quite in the main cavalcade area, but there were boats selling books and pictures and a floating museum today near it today. Go left about 100 yards for the main area.

I went on from Little Venice to Church Street market, where I stocked up with food etc., did more shopping in Edgeware road, and headed home. Not a particularly long walk (about a 2.5 mile round trip), but fun.

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