Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Shopping & Beards, Cheapo TFT screens, the Corinthic

Feeling a bit better today - staggered out to Portobello Road and stocked up on fruit, veg, cheap cheese etc., then to the shops for the rest of the groceries.

Weird conversation on the way home - guy who has just decided to grow a beard stopped me to ask how I kept mine trimmed. I rather bemusedly told him about the cheapo beard trimmer I was given for christmas about ten years ago; by sheer chance I noticed the same model on sale in one of the local pound shops a few weeks ago and pointed him in that direction.

One of the things I spotted while I was out is that the local branch of Tiny Computers is advertising a 15" TFT monitor, 1024x768 resoulution, for £99.99 - I was carrying a lot of shopping so I just poked my head round the door and ask if they had more than one, what they told me is that it's a "while stocks last" deal, but all their shops should have them. There's nothing about it on their web site, but if you live near one of their shops it may worth checking out. Don't know what they're like at all, and didn't want to put things down to take a look, so don't blame me if they're rubbish.

I've decided to go with yesterday's picture of the Corinthic as it is - the original is the only picture I can find that shows that much detail of the ship and the original really is a total swine to clean up. It's on this page:

It's actually bigger than it looks, they're reducing the size to fit the page.

More info on the Corinthic at

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