Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Well, that was weird...

I had someone visit to see the bike this morning - he seemed fairly interested so hopefully will bid. Afterwards I went to pick up a binding machine someone was giving away on Freecycle - but when I got there I discovered that it was a big industrial model, way beyond my needs and VERY heavy. Since I didn't have transport I regretfully declined it - the guy giving it away wasn't bothered because he had a charity coming to collect three others and would give them all four.

But when he put it back on the pile (in his front garden) he put a BMW pannier box on top to stop the polystyrene blowing away. I mentioned that the pannier was moderately valuable and might get stolen if it was left there, and it then turned out that he'd found it in a skip two years ago and was going to chuck it. Upshot, I went home with a pannier box! It's missing the lock that secured it to the bike but otherwise OK, so I'll probably sell it to someone who has a smashed box and wants to put their own locks on it, and give the money to Cancer Research UK.

later - now listed:

if you know anyone who has a BMW motorbike please mention it to them!

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