Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Dragonmeet again & cheap DVD recorder

Just a reminder that I'll be bringing copies of the next Forgotten Futures release to Dragonmeet on Saturday, for registered users, reviewers, etc. and will donate 30p to charity for copies picked up by registered users, since I won't have to pay postage.

I've also now got confirmation from the organisers that I can sell copies of the Diana: Warrior Princess RPG from my table. It'll be full price, £9.95, but I'll be donating £2.00 per copy sold to Cancer Research UK.

If you're in the UK this may be of interest: I just heard that Argos stores are selling the Liteon 5005 DVD recorder at £119.99, down from about £165 the last time I saw it advertised. It's a stand alone recorder with video-style programming, doesn't have a hard disk (don't think there are any hard disk / DVD recorders under £300 or so) but it does do DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/W, CD-R and I think CD-RW, and can play MP3 and JPG pictures.

I've seen some pretty good reviews for it and was thinking about getting it at the old price, now I've just reserved on on-line and will pick it up tomorrow. Stock code is 533 4070 if anyone else is interested. Only thing I've heard against it is that someone thought (but wasn't sure) that its built-in TV receiver didn't have Nicam Stereo, but since I'll be using a digital receiver anyway this doesn't really worry me.

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