Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

x-men: Days of Futures Past

Just back from seeing this. Enjoyed it a lot, don't really want to say much about the plot, your basic "mental travel back in time to prevent the apocalypse" do-over. It's similar to other versions of the Sentinels story line and there are some nice "blink and you'll miss them" surprises which it would be a shame to reveal. Their version of the 1970s was excellent - everyone has too much hair, Professor X appears to be on drugs, and there are lots of nice touches like Hank McCoy mentioning that he has equipment automatically monitoring "all three TV channels and PBS," then repeating "And PBS" to emphasise how complete the coverage is when Logan repeats "all three channels?" And what's on the TV while they're talking? Apart from the news, Star Trek TOS. We also learn more than I expected about the mutant involvement in the assassination of JFK.

The apocalyptic future worked well - vaguely matrix-like, with lots of Sentinels killing mutants - and anyone who carries the x-gene or its precursers, sympathisers, and anything else the ruling elite don't like. It's a nice touch that we never see this elite, only their Sentinel minions.

Back in the seventies there's a fairly realistic portrayal of Richard Nixon which manages to stop short of parody, and a nice frothing performance by Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister etc.) as Bolivar Trask, the main villain, who seems to be the Anti-Stark.

The ending is ambiguous enough that it's not clear if they're restoring the original X-men timeline or making changes - one change is obvious, but is a spoiler, something else at the end may make big changes to Logan and his back-story.

The end credits scene is right at the end after all credits and is annoyingly cryptic for those who aren't very familiar with this universe, someone making serious use of telekinesis. No doubt there'll be plenty of explanations available soon.

Overall I liked it a lot, and will probably get the DVD eventually.

One thing - if Stan Lee was in it I missed him completely, a first for Marvel movies. Anyone know?

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