Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More superfluous technology

Just got another laserdisc player - for a tenner plus a couple of hours free travel! It's a Pioneer LV-4300D industrial player, which means that it has no frills but is built like a tank - and is equipped to be used as part of an arcade games machine in the unlikely event I ever find an appropriate disk (and everything else needed to use it). It turns out to work perfectly with analog and digital sound discs, PAL and NTSC, e.g. everything I own - it's single sided and only has analogue sound outputs, but that's no problem, it does the conversion from digital to analogue internally. Picture quality isn't quite as good as my all-singing all-dancing CLD-D925, and it's a bit scruffy with a bit of rusting on things like the RS-232 port surround, but it's certainly good enough for use as a backup player.

VERY pleased!

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