Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Picspam - out and about again

More pictures I've taken on my travels over the last couple of weeks.

First, an update on the Round Pond situation - it's starting to fill again, and the coots that were nesting there have been working hard to build up before it's too late. This was a week or so ago, not sure how they're getting on.


It doesn't seem much of a nest compared to this one, on the canal near Ladbroke Grove, which shows the baby coots sitting up and taking notice. It also unfortunately shows the slightly purple edges I sometimes see at the extreme telephoto setting with the Finepix S5700 - really must try to avoid going too far.


I've seen several other interesting birds on the canals over the last couple of weeks including a big family of swans (adults and six cygnets) which unfortunately refused to do anything except turn their backs to the camera, and again show the problem with this lens at the telephoto end:


Also lots of ducks, including an incredible Mandarin and endless ducklings - the one below is representative of many others:





And just to show that I do occasionally look at other animals, this is my nephew's spanador (spaniel-labrador cross) Inca, who is about ten months old and still growing. The people that he got him from also apparently own a labradoodle, a labrador-poodle cross, but I haven't seen pictures. Inca is a nice dog - he's learning to obey orders, and is good with kids, but does have a habit of trying to get on people's laps which is not ideal for a dog who is already very heavy. My nephew is working on that.


Finally, for Pink Floyd fans everywhere...


Took this from a train travelling to Brighton on Saturday, which is why I missed the Queen's Birthday fly-past. Unfortunately my batteries died at that point, so I don't have any pictures of Brighton!


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