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Picspam - water water everywhere

Today I did a slightly odd walk along the canal to Praed Street (by Paddington Station), a quick visit to a charity shop there which got me several DVDs, then to Kensington gardens and via Queensway back home. Not particularly long, but I took a few pictures and (with some from yesterday) decided it was time to post more.

First, during yesterday's walk to Portobello Road market along the canal I spotted the same family of swans I saw a few days ago, two swans and six cygnets, and managed to get some slightly better pictures. There's still a little evidence of the purple edge effect I sometimes get with this camera at longer focal lengths, but they're a bit better than last time. I've cropped them to just the swans and resampled to 800 pixels width, hence the assortment of weird sizes:




In the park I visited the Italian Gardens near Lancaster Gate and took some pictures to test a fish-eye converter - the pictures are first without and then with the converter at the camera's widest setting:



My conclusion is that it isn't good enough for serious work but might be interesting for an occasional photo.

While I was there I also took a couple of pictures of the fountains at the end of the garden, which is the source for the Serpentine lake, and a pair of ducks I saw on the Serpentine. Not quite sure what they are, except the red eye makes me think they're Ducks from Hell!





I also took a look at the round pond, which is now full again. The coot nest I'd previously noted is gone, I think they simply gave it up as a bad job. It may be they've relocated somewhere, not sure how coots handle that, but the water is at least 2ft deeper than it was the first time I saw the nest, really doubt they could have rebuilt in the time available. I never saw any chicks, so maybe they just abandoned it. No pictures because it's really pretty boring right now. Without toy boats and many birds it simply isn't the most interesting body of water.

More soon, I hope, but I shall try for more variety and not just endless ducks!

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