Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Another Blue Peter question...

Would Tony Stark appear on the show? Would they even invite him, given his general reputation? I'm guessing Top Gear is more his sort of thing, but that one's already been written by several people. Maybe Blue Peter could have an Iron Man art competition, or a "build your own Iron Man mask" thing.

I'm taking Steve Rogers as a given, the first time he's in the UK long enough for them get him on the show. Probably Clint Barton, if they mention Robin Hood and give him a chance to show off his archery. And definitely NOT Natasha Romanoff, her skills set does not fit comfortably with children's TV. Not sure about Bruce Banner, but I think another no, due to shyness, though maybe Hulk would like a badge if some of the other Avengers have them.

Would any of them have badges before they became famous, e.g. as a kid Bruce visits England and happens to be involved in some activity that gets him on the show? Clint's circus days?


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