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Continuum is going well - so far I've played or run games in every slot of the con:

Friday evening I played Victorian Call of Cthulhu, and survived the adventure with my sanity reasonably intact, mostly because I was electrocuted and unconscious through the final encounter. Also because I'd luckily thought to equip the party with bottles of lamp oil, which they used on the Big Bad before it could assimilate us and convert us to a mixture of bloody pulp and bone fragments. Considering just how horrible the monster was, we were very lucky that nobody was killed or went permanently insane, though a couple came close.

On Saturday morning I ran Pyramid Scheme, my Forgotten Futures adventure, with some good players and fun role playing. They successfully found their way into the Tomb of the Emperors and found the ghastly secret of Mad Empress Margaret, and were the first group to correctly guess what had really happened to her.

Saturday afternoon was GURPS Discworld with Phil Masters as GM, and some silliness with a group of wizards setting up Sto Helit's magical college. I don't think I particularly distinguished myself in this one, apart from pioneering the use of "teacher" as a skill for interrogating children, since I kept on going off after red herrings.

Sunday evening was Kingdom, a crisis management game, in which we were the crew of an STL spaceship which found that it had been beaten to its target system. This sort of worked, but seemed to drag a bit due to a fairly clunky resolution system and players who did not know how to keep scenes short. We only reached the first crisis point by 11 PM, and nobody felt much like going on after that so we ended there.

Today I'm playing the Laundry RPG (SAN loss inevitable, I fear) then running Monster Mash, a Diana Warrior Princess game. Not sure what I'll be doing tonight, but hopefully another game - wish me luck!

later Laundry RPG was great fun as expected, though we missed the big fight completely because we used some common sense, avoided the cultists' trap, and left it to the SAS. Various hirelings were caught, various Residual Human Resources were deactivated, and my computational demonologist determinedly avoided combat and/or insanity, and sucked up to Standards Compliance lady in a no-doubt doomed attempt to get transferred somewhere where people don't point Uzis at her...

Monster Mash was fun but a bit shorter than usual, since I only had three players; the monsters successfully saved Earth from an alien invasion, leaving them free to do their own things; drink human blood (Dracula), brood (Frankenstein's Monster), and invade earth later (an invader from The Invaders). I think the players enjoyed themselves anyway.

Signed up for a Star Wars game tonight to end the con. Looks to be a 20 years later sequel to the original films. Fingers crossed it'll be fun.

and later it was - I played Rockeet Meerkeet, a small furry bounty hunter / paparazi with an implausible number of big guns and other weapons, and (as our distraction during an attempt to recover some stolen goods) achieved near immortality by (a) assassinating Ja-Ja Binks and (b) getting video, which was rapidly the most played clip on galactic youtube. This was a minor miracle because I cocked up every other dice roll I made in the game. We got away, but one result of our efforts was to accidentally betray a Skywalker descendent to the resurgent Empire, which will probably have dire consequences for the Republic. It was immense fun, with a LOT of silliness and explosions, an excellent way to end the con.

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