Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Thor's idea of tact

I have an idea for a follow-up to my Thor story - this time short and not too serious. One of the things in there is this conversation between Thor and Tony Stark - does it seem right for the characters?

“Man of Iron!”

“Hey, Thor, how’s it going?”

“Well! We were attacked by Hydra in London, and many of their agents have been captured.”

“I heard something about that, but the reports were a little confusing. Something about helpful mutants?”

“It was actually wizardry, but I am not supposed to say so. I was told that your head might explode if you tried to understand it.”

“Magic... Riiight... Okay, leaving that for the moment (goes on to explain the current problem)"

Does this seem plausible for them - especially, Tony Stark dropping the topic so easily?
Tags: fanfic, thor

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