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Drabble - Vulnerable (HP / BtVS)

Here's a nasty little Drabble which popped into my head while reading Norwegianne's thoughts on pairings. Warning - Slash, implied character death (and other nasty stuff) and a view of an HP character that for some reason may be unpopular (although I for one can't imagine why)...

100-word BtVS / Harry Potter Drabble


by Marcus L. Rowland

"The thing about muggles," said Draco, "is that you're all so pathetically vulnerable. Imagine the fun De Sade would have had if he were a wizard." He eyed his victim, writhing in the ropes that held him, and added "of course I don't have to imagine. I set my little traps, wait for a muggle to pick them up, and voila, here you are."

"No reply? Oh of course, the quietus spell. Finite Incantatum. I trust you won't waste your breath trying to scream, the nearest house is twenty miles away."

"Good," said Oz. Outside the full moon was rising.


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