Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


I've just got hold of a 2nd hard disk at £23 for 40gb, or about 51½ PENCE a gigabyte.

Think about that - I've just paid considerably less for a gigabyte of storage than I used to pay for 32k tapes in my ZX-81 days, 80k floppies in my TRS-80 days, than for 360k floppies then 1.2mb and 1.44mb in my earlier PCs. In fact floppies still work out at about 20p a megabyte, well under a 250th as good. The last hard disk I bought, only three or so years ago, was £40 for 6 gig.

As I said. Boggle...

One practical problem - can't seem to find the XP version of fdisk on my hard disk, and fdisk is a pain to use anyway. Can anyone recommend a good freeware utility for setting up the partitions etc.?

LATER EDIT: Now sorted thanks to mr_wombat

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