Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Forgotten Futures IX contents - final cut

Here's my final decision on what's going to be in the Forgotten Futures IX online version, and the extras on the distribution CD:

Source Material

  • The Outlaws of the Air - George Griffith (complete novel)
  • The World Peril of 1910 - George Griffith (complete novel)
  • The Tachypomp and other stories - Edward Page Mitchell (stories)
  • Silas P. Cornu's Dry Calculator - Henry A. Hering (short story)
  • The Lady Automaton - E.E. Kellett (short story)
  • A Corner In Lightning - George Griffith (short story)
  • Patent Applied For - Bernard Owen (article about the patent system)
  • The New Wizard of the West - Chauncy Montgomery M'Govern (article about Tesla)
  • The White Magician - Rudolph De Cordova (article about Edison)

Role Playing Material (about a hundred thousand words):

  • It's My Own Invention - How to be a weird inventor, introducing four game worlds based on weird technology:
    • The Queen's Own Aerial Hussars - Victorian air-cavalry defending the Empire from the Scourge of the Supernatural; includes flying ship design rules, regimental details, new weapons, scenario, scenario outlines.
    • Swiss Movement - Calculating engines, automata, and a global conspiracy. Includes design rules, a long campaign outline, adventure, adventure outlines, etc.
    • The Space Bubble - A Victorian moon race. Includes design rules, four contenders for the prize, the organisation of the competition and several versions of the moon, with campaign and adventure outlines.
    • Past Out, Future Home - Time travel by liner. Includes the theory and practice of time travel, reasons to be a time traveller, scenario outlines, etc.

Bonus Material on the Charity CD-ROM:

  • Rules - Rules Summary (already on line)
  • Rules (PDF version) - Rules Summary (PDF version) (already on line)
  • Ninety Miles An Hour - Herbert C. Fyfe (article about a new type of railway)
  • An Express of the Future - "Jules Verne" (actually Michel Verne - fiction about a transatlantic tunnel)
  • Pictures By Telegraph - Charles Emerson Cook (article about a predecessor of the fax)
  • Guesses at Futurity - Fred T. Jane (futuristic sketches)
  • The Newest Marvel of Science - Wm. H. Ward (article about stereoscopic photography)
  • Our Stereoscopic Gallery - Magazine (stereoscopic photographs)
  • By Rail Across The Sea - Herbert C. Fyfe (article about channel tunnels, ferries, etc.)
  • The Fastest Vessel Afloat - Cleveland Moffett (Article about the Turbinia, the first turbine-powered craft)
  • The Ship That Flies - Gustav Levering (account of the first Zeppelin flight)

Roughly speaking the on-line material is about 5 mb, ought to zip to 4 mb or so, the extra material adds another 20-odd megabytes.

Does this sound like a collection that people will pay a couple of pounds for to aid charity?

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