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It's officially illegal, Buffy...

...just in case you were wondering

According to the UK magazine Private Eye, which has a column posting on weird news from around the world, in early September this year Arnie signed a bill "officially outlawing necrophilia in California". The source cited is the San Francisco Examiner for 10/9/04 (which I assume is the British dating, 10th September 04), but there doesn't seem to be anything about it on their web site then or on 9th October.

After a fairly graphic description of the incident that led to the ban it adds "when the case came to court, the District Attorney realised that he couldn't be charged with a felony because there was nothing in the state legislature forbidding sex with a corpse. Mutilating, yes. Disinterment, yes. But simply having sex, no."

So basically Buffy has been breaking the law since day one, whenever she put a stake into a vampire, and is now officially banned from boinking with Spike or Angel.

What we need now is a fic. about Buffy appealing the ban or something. Anyone want to write it? And can anyone confirm the story is true?


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