Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

New(er) Laptop

I mentioned a while ago that I was looking for a laptop to replace my aging iBook G4. As of this weekend I own a MacBook (late 2006 Intel dual core) purchased from autopope of this parish, and will be using it as my main laptop from now on. So far the main problem is that most of my older Mac software is PPC only, but I'm gradually sorting out replacements - the major one was simple, I've installed the current Libre Office instead of Microsoft Office 2004. Getting used to OSX 10.7 has been dead easy so far, it's a lot more like OSX 10.4 than Windows 7 was like XP.

So... This currently leaves me owning rather a lot of computers:
  • Windows 7 desktop PC
  • MacBook
  • iPad
  • An older PC currently running Linux that's hooked up to my TV and hasn't been used in a year or so.
  • The 500Mhz iMac G4 I refurbished earlier this year - currently my bedroom computer but getting very little use. A bit slow and some issues with compatibility on some web sites.
  • The 1.1ghz iBook G4 the MacBook is replacing. Still reasonably usable, apart from compatibility issues, just a little slow compared to modern machines.

I'm trying to decide whether to sell the iMac G4, the iBook G4, or possibly both, or keep both. Resale value is probably around £50-£75 for the iBook, a little less for the iMac. In terms of practicality I'd probably be better off keeping the iBook as my bedroom / spare computer and selling the iMac, but I really like the look of the iMac, it's just amazingly cool somehow. As an excuse to keep it, I'm wondering if it will become more of a collectable as time goes by. Anyone have any thoughts?

Finally, does anyone have any suggestions for fun free software for the MacBook? I've installed Oolite, maybe a couple more games and some utilities?

Later - just realised I bought a Macheist bundle ages ago that I mostly didn't use because the software was intel, not G4 - this included Scrivener and other stuff, now downloading it to see if it's worth using. The Scrivener key, at least, still works, so does Artboard.

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