Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

In which I am seduced by the shiny side of the force...

The MacBook I bought turned out to be a bit limited for my purposes - nobody's fault, I just underestimated how much speed and graphics processing some applications would need. So I asked the CEX store in Camden Town how much they'd offer me on it against a relatively cheap 2.4ghz MacBook Pro - Mid-2010, 8gb RAM, 320GB hard disk, and Yosemite; the answer turned out to be about £30 more than I'd paid for the macbook, memory, and a new battery. Which was rather good news...

So yesterday I traded it in, and after various delays came home with the shiny. And it is VERY shiny! I especially liked the light-up keys, I felt really sad about turning the lights off completely to conserve battery power... But the screen is the best I've ever owned, it's very fast, and it seems to have about five hours battery life, which is about on a par with the iBook G4.

So far the hardest part has been installing Microsoft Office 2008, which I got very cheaply as an upgrade from Office 2004, as usual thanks to Ebay. The install itself went easily since it was all legit discs and codes, but adding the service packs was a nightmare.

First, the update program was so far out of date that it wouldn't work at all. I had to download it manually from Microsoft. It then turned out that the security certificate on the first service pack had expired so it wouldn't install.

The trick to this one turns out to download that file manually too, disconnect from the internet, turn the computer's clock back to January 2010, and install the service pack. After that you re-enable internet and put the clock right, reboot (no idea why), and run the updater to get the second and third service packs, which fortunately were OK.

Apart from that, and a problem installing Scrivener which I suspect is down to the code having expired (still waiting to hear back on that one), things are going pretty well. I'm just installing Calibre and some other useful stuff, and having a lot of fun playing with it. None of which is getting work done to help pay for the thing, but never mind...

Now I have to figure out how to keep Calibre synchronised across two computers. I may be some time...

later - Scrivener now sorted, I was trying to use the Macheist code, not the correct activation code.

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