Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Not so sold after all...

I went out to post the iMac G5 and the iBook G4 - then went looking for packing for the iMac G4, since the box I thought I had turned out to be too small and I was low on bubble wrap. None of the shops around here had any usable boxes, which is really annoying, but one said they were expecting a big delivery tomorrow morning and would have some then.

So I came home, intending to email the buyer and apologise for the delay - only to find that she wanted to pull out of the deal. Since buyers on eBay really hold all the cards I didn't see much point in arguing, and to be honest it suits me reasonably well, I'm thinking of putting a much bigger drive in it and raising the price, so I went ahead and cancelled. Not perfect, but I've clawed back a fair chunk of what I paid for the Macbook, and eventually will hopefully get more.

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