Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Here we go...

The guy who bought the laptop is claiming it does't work properly, is dirty, making noise, etc. etc. Since I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning it and making sure it works perfectly I'm not impressed. I suspect that this is the prelude to trying to scam me for a partial refund without returning the goods.

I've told him that if he's unhappy he should open an item dispute with ebay and return it to me for a refund. We'll see what happens.

update Friday - heard nothing more about this, which leaves me sure it was a quick attempt to scam for a partial refund. Meanwhile the buyer of the iMac G5 has left positive feedback, so at least that one's OK. Had a look at upping the hard disk size on the G4 but it's fairly complicated and I doubt it's worth the hassle. I'll try to get a suitable box today, and re-list it once I'm sure I'll be able to pack it if it sells.

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