Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More 3D Picspam

Went out with the Aiptek 3D camera again, this time set to 3 megapixels, which I think must be the true resolution for the sensor - the larger ones look interpolated. A bright but very chilly day - there was some ice on the Round Pond. Most of the pictures were tests of perspective etc. and not especially exciting, but I got some nice pictures of swans and the Albert Memorial. On the whole I think it works pretty well, though a couple of times I found it difficult to see the screen - mostly when I was looking at something fairly bright, the screen just looked too dark by comparison because of the 3D effect. Not a huge problem, I could see enough to take a picture. As before these have been reduced to 800 pixels in the largest dimension by Photobucket, I've put one of the swan pictures below at full size.



I'm happier with these than with the first set, and since 3 megapixels is adequate for my needs I'll probably stick with this camera rather than going for something better and more expensive.

I've used red/cyan for these, which I think is the type of 3D glasses people are most likely to have. I haven't experimented with reducing ghosting etc., which will be my next step.

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