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When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

From a Thor crossover (in which Darcy is explaining fanfic to Jane)

“In a Soulmark AU you’d probably have a birthmark the shape of Mjolnir, or his words when you first met, and he’d have a mark that looked like… something science-ey, one of your equations or something.”

From a DC universe multiple crossover (In which Earth is about to get its first Green Lantern)

She’d never really thought about the implications of the word ‘alien’ until she looked inside the wrecked ship. The pilot was definitely not human; humanoid, yes, in having two arms and two legs, two eyes and a mouth, but there the resemblance ended. His(?) skin was purple, creased and lined in ways unlike any human face. He wore a green, white and black costume, and his head turned towards her, weakly, as she pried open the canopy.

From an Avengers crossover with some particularly silly conspiracy theories I'll probably never complete.

The guard backed out and Loki studied the scroll, wondering if Odin had somehow broken from his forced Odinsleep and controlled the raven, in some plot to regain control of Asgard. It was rolled up, held closed by a red ribbon and a dark green wax seal. One side of the seal showed a woman in heavy robes sitting on a throne, holding a mace and wearing a crown, surrounded by a circle of tiny letters, the other a complicated coat of arms. He concentrated, and used a tiny portion of his power to translate the words into All-Speak. “Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the Britons and her other realms Queen, Head of the Commonwealth of Nations, Defender of the Faith.” He tried to remember; the Britons were one of the Midgard tribes, of course, the ones living on that ridiculous little island to the north. They’d had some sort of empire, he thought, but since it wasn’t mentioned on the seal he doubted it still existed.
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