Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Bluetooth / wireless keyboard recs?

Currently the computer connected to my big TV has the keyboard and mouse on long PS/2 leads, so that I can operate it from the sofa. That's obviously not going to work for the old Mac Mini I'm planning to replace it with. The main possibilities for replacement are a long USB lead and keyboard/mouse (which I have - the keyboard has USB sockets so I only need one lead), or a Bluetooth / wireless keyboard with sufficient range. The maximum length for a USB lead is 5M which isn't really enough to go around the outside of the room to the sofa so that's probably a non-starter, so I need to look at wireless. The snag with that is that my router is also in that room and will cause interference, so 2.4ghz (used for most cheaper wireless keyboards) probably won't cut it, I need real Bluetooth.

Since this won't be used very often I really don't want to waste a ton of money on it - so no real Apple keyboards / mice. I'd also prefer something small but with real keys. It looks like I can get a fake Apple keyboard (same size as the modern mini aluminium keyboard and uses real bluetooth, but plastic and not as nicely made) for around a tenner, but the mouse is looking less promising.

Can anyone point me at reasonable alternatives, possibly keyboards with a trackpad rather than separate mouse? There are several on ebay but all I've spotted so far are either tiny or 2.4ghz. It needs to be compatible with Bluetooth 2 and Mac. Suggestions gratefully received.

Annoyingly I used to have the big old white first generation Apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but I sold them years ago since I never used them. Serves me right...

later - found an early Apple Bluetooth mouse for £7.50, I'm watching a couple of the early Apple keyboards but if that doesn't come off I'll get one of the copies.

later - got a keyboard - together the keyboard and mouse cost more than the Mac Mini G4, but considering that was a tenner or so plus postage that isn't surprising. If at later date I get something better than a G4 they'll still be useful.

update 3/2/15 - keyboard and mouse have both arrived, work well, and should be good for any computer linked to that TV. Still waiting on the Mac Mini - it's marked as "sent" as of Saturday but hasn't arrived yet.

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