Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini G4 arrived yesterday and is working pretty well - I've upgraded it to 1gb and Leopard and it works very nicely as a browser etc. for my big TV, much more convenient (and compact) than the big PC I've previously used, and power consumption very low in standby mode. It even came with iLife and Garageband installed, though the latter is demanding a later version of Quicktime that Leopard will support - it's not something I need urgently anyway.

So far the only snag is that I can't get bluetooth to work properly - there turned out not to be a built-in unit, and the USB pod I tried doesn't want to work at the distance from the computer to the nearest table - I think because it's teeny and has no antenna. It's sensing the keyboard and mouse but doesn't pair unless I'm about a foot away, which is a bit pointless. So for the moment I'm using a 5M USB cable and the old Mac keyboard and mouse, not ideal but they will work well enough until I can find a decent USB stick. Before anyone asks, the mouse and keyboard work fine with the Macbook, so it's the stick that's the problem.

This is good enough, and was cheap enough, that I might get another for my bedroom - it's cheaper than the Android smart TV box I briefly played with, and I find OSX a lot more user-friendly.

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