Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Switching (audio) channels

I'm currently reorganising my home cinema setup. As part of this I was looking for a remote control TOSLINK (optical digital sound) switch that could handle three or more inputs - I currently have five devices with this output, and while they all have analogue stereo outputs too, three have surround sound that I'd miss in that mode. Everything was ridiculously expensive until I came across one of these on ebay:

Aimed at X-box users, It's not just a remote controlled TOSLINK switch; as well as having an X-box input, it also switches four sets of svideo, composite video, RGB video, TOSLINK, and analogue sound, and incorporates an ethernet hub. This is a discontinued model because it doesn't handle HDMI (also I suspect that the company may be out of business, since their web site appears to be down), and is VERY cheap if you can find one - CEX, Britain's biggest chain of second-hand game stores, were last selling them at £8, about $12.

It's cheap enough that I've bought it to play with it - if it turns out to be rubbish I should be able to sell it on easily enough. I'll post again when I've had a chance to try it, should be some time next week.

update - This arrived faster than expected - so far I've only tried it as a remote control TOSLINK switch but that seems to work very well, I have no reason to think that the other parts will give problems.

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