Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Inkjet cartridges

The shop where I saw the musical Viewmaster (see previous post) also had some unopened HP cartridges at £1 each; three tricolour HP 136, and one black cartridge with no number. Since I couldn't remember which cartridges my Officejet takes I took a chance and bought them; it turned out that they aren't the right ones. Further research says that the colour ones are for Deskjet 2300 series S and Deskjet 5440 series S, I'm guessing that the black one is for this model too.

Before I try to flog them on ebay, is there anyone here (I'd better say in the UK only) who's interested in them, and would like to get them at cost plus postage, which would I think be £6.80 total? No idea of expiry date, this was presumably on the box, which I don't have.

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