Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Viewmaster update - and other bargains / freebies

I decided to go back to the charity shop and buy the Viewmaster music box if they still had it. It turned out they did - and when I paid for it, they knocked off a fiver because they were reducing their prices generally! So I ended up getting the viewer, 8 reels showing views of Italy and Switzerland, and two sealed Torchwood audiobook CDs for £22!

After that I took a long walk, which took in various points including Kensington Gardens (where the birds are coming back to the Round Pond and I got some nice pictures I'll post later) and Kensington Church Street, where for once the charity book shop was open - for some reason it is VERY irregular - and I got three books and the Serenity collector's edition DVD boxed set for a fiver.

And on the way home I found a nice little square glass vase/flower pot holder on a pile of broken furniture someone had dumped next to recycling bins a couple of streets from my house. Just soaking it with detergent, it looks like it will come up very nicely.

All in all a very nice day with pretty good weather, and I am feeling very pleased with myself. Which probably means something catastrophic will happen tomorrow...

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