Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Ostrich, Buffalo, Venison and other strange meats

Currently the Iceland chain is offering various slightly unusual frozen meat products - ostrich steaks and burgers, kangaroo and venison meatballs and burgers, boar and apple burgers and sausages, and crocodile burgers. My local branch is small and only had the ostrich steaks (125g for £1.50, I think - can't find my receipt) and kangaroo meatballs (240g for £1.50-ish) and the boar and apple sausages (I think £3.50), they'd had the buffalo burgers but were out of stock. All of them are VERY low fat compared to beef, e.g. the ostrich steaks are 0.7g fat / 100g. I ended up getting a couple of the ostrich steaks and a pack of kangaroo meatballs.

Just ate one of the ostrich steaks grilled with some chips and salad, it seemed very palatable though a little bland, though I did sprinkle some pepper and garlic on it before cooking. I don't think it was particularly over- or under-cooked. Any suggestions on this? Possibly some sort of marinade? Would it be better fried?

I think I'll try kangaroo meatballs bolognese tomorrow, see how that goes. But my initial impression is that the ostrich steaks, at least, are a pretty good substitute for beef, cheaper and a bit healthier. I just need to work on my cooking technique.

Details of the range here:

update - found the receipts, it was £1.50 for the kangaroo meatballs and £1.30 for the ostrich steaks.

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