Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

London First Thursday SF Pub Meet Temporarily Moving

A message from Roger Robinson WINOLJ for London-based and visiting SF fans.


The Melton Mowbray is about to undergo a refit - and will be closed over the period of the May & Jun first Thursdays.

So - I checked the also-refurbished One Tun - no go - the upstairs roome is now unavailable - and the downstairs is near-unrecognisably different.

However I was able to book the upstairs bar of THE CASTLE, 34-45 Cowcross Street. EC1M
for both Thurs May 7th & Thurs Jun 4th from 18:00.
Usual conditions apply -
- it is free if enough people drink enough ....
Pub is 20yds from Farringdon Tube Station.

Please pass the word around by all social media outlets you are plugged into.


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