Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

My suggestion for the Hugos...

...won't be popular.

Con committees presumably get to decide how the awards ceremony will be presented. If there is evidence that the award is being debased by the tactics we've seen, maybe they should minimalise their involvement to preserve the reputation of the convention. No speeches, no music, nobody going up to collect in person. Just a factual announcement of the winners, and notice that they can collect their awards from the green room afterwards. I'm pretty sure you could get the lot done well inside a one-hour program slot, and starving the idiots of whatever satisfaction they get out of a public victory for a year or two might teach them a small lesson. And the money saved could be spent on the rest of the programme.


later - just to make this clear, I'd suggest doing this regardless of who seems likely to win, downsizing the ceremony only if the Poopies win would be as unfair, in its own way, as their initial tactics.

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