Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Minor Potter crossover thought

There seem to be endless stories where someone important from another fandom adopts Harry Potter and takes him away from the Dursleys to be brought up totally awesome. You see it a lot in Buffy crossovers, also Avengers (usually Tony Stark adopting him) and dozens of others. This is generally combined with a lot of hatred to Dumbledore for leaving him with such unsuitable guardians, explanations that the "blood wards" on the Dursley home were useless or actually harming Harry, etc. etc.

But just once I'd love to see a story where Dumbledore was right, and the result of taking him away from the Dursleys is catastrophic - maybe whoever has him will be attacked by Death Eaters, maybe removing Harry from the wards too early lets Voldemort take over his body, or something else even more undesirable.

Just saying...

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