Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Good news, bad news

Good news - I won the premium bonds this month - only £25, but it's interesting because the bond that won was the first I ever owned, one of two bought for me by my parents a few months after I was born. Try buying just £2 worth of premium bonds these days!

Bad news - the Mac Mini is back and its wifi really wasn't working, the daughter board that carries Wifi and Bluetooth was a millimeter or so off the connector, which is a weird one with no pins. I'm guessing the box got bashed in transit hard enough for the connector to shift. I've put it back and tightened everything and it's working fine, but I've had to give a refund which is a PITA.

Never mind, the bond win will cover the expenses...

Brian WINOLJ has suggested I make a claim with the couriers and I'll give it a try, but it's a nuisance rather than a disaster.

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