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Another Bundle of Holding offer - Shadowrun 4th Edition - in aid of Electronic Frontier Foundation

I'm linking to these collections because they are a good way to get a lot of RPG material cheap, because they support charity, and because I did fairly well out of the Bundle of Laughs package that included Diana: Warrior Princess and hope to be included in another collection if they continue to do well.

The Shadowrun 4th Edition collection features the Shadowrun 4th Edition 20th Anniversary rulebook and all the essential supplements. The offer runs until Thursday, May 28.

STARTER COLLECTION (US$12.95 - retail value $44)
Shadowrun 4e 20th Anniversary Rulebook (retail $15)
+ Quick-Start Rules (Free RPG Day 2012)
Runner's Companion ($12)
Arsenal ($12)
Safehouses ($5)
BONUS COLLECTION (threshold starts at $27.95 - retail value $61)
Runner's Toolkit ($25)
Augmentation ($12)
Street Magic ($12)
Unwired ($12)
[Total retail value at launch: $105]

The customer can pay any price (minimum $12.95) to get all the titles in the Starter Collection. If you pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $27.95 to start, you also get all the titles in the Bonus Collection. Several more bonus titles will be added after launch. Buyers who get the bundle early, when it's cheapest, will also get the additional titles. 10% of the fee (after handling etc.) will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which seems nicely appropriate for Shadowrun, especially if you know the history of the similar game GURPS Cyberpunk.
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