Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Freedompop free mobile phone service

Anyone know anything about freedompop, a free mobile phone provider? eBuyer's blog makes it sound a good match to my needs, e.g. very few calls, a little data and check email on the move, the pay plans from other companies I've looked at are too expensive for the little use I'd make of them. I'd need to get some sort of mobile phone with a bigger screen, of course, but something old and slow would be fine for my needs.

All that Freedompop's UK site does is take your address details and say that they'll contact you when the service is available, but it does appear to be genuine if eBuyer aren't lying.

later - reviews of their US service say it's a bit slow, with coverage poor and no technical support unless you pay for it. Might still be worth considering for very occasional use, but only if I can find a suitable unlocked phone cheap.

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