Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Another Bundle of Holding offer - indie crime and noir RPGs

"Deadly Games" is a collection of indie crime and noire RPGs on offer until Tuesday, June 23rd. I don't know much about these games but it sounds like a cheap way to try them out.

STARTER COLLECTION (US$5.95 - retail $35)
  • The Big Crime ($9)
  • Dirty Secrets ($9)
  • Fastlane: Everything, All the Time ($7)
  • One Last Job ($10)

BONUS COLLECTION (threshold starts at $9.95 - retail $50)
  • A Dirty World ($10)
  • Killshot: The Director's Cut ($10)
  • Secrets & Lies: Hardboiled Triple Feature ($15)
  • Streets of Bedlam ($15)

Total retail value: $88

There's also going to be a bonus item at some point, not allowed to say what or when, but anyone who buys the full bundle will get it. As usual this gets more expensive the later you buy it. 10% of proceeds after cost goes to the charity "Reading is Fundamental".

Usual disclaimer - I'm on the freebie list for this. But I think it looks like an interesting set of games, and the price is the lowest I've seen so far in the Bundle of Holding packages.
Tags: rpg

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