Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's Portobello Road bargain...

...was an iBook G4 14" for £12.

A few snags, of course, most notably no battery and only 512mb RAM. But it came with the charger and seems to work perfectly off the mains, and things like the screen, keyboard, WiFi etc. seem to be working fine. Condition is generally a bit horrible though, all of the rubber feet and stoppers are missing, and the casing has some minor cracks.

I've probably got RAM for it, and can get a compatible battery for about £20 but I'm not sure it's worth it, at the end of the day I'd have a slowish heavy laptop that if I replace the feet etc. will sell for about £40-50 quid, whereas I can probably dismantle it and sell the drives, keyboard, wifi and charger and make a decent profit.

Maybe I'll just hang on to it and see if a cheaper battery comes my way. Any thoughts?

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