Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Want a huge time sink?

I got Civilization V for Mac in a charity shop, but I'm not sure my brain is up to it. Anyone interested? It seems to be complete with disk, install instructions, product key and a huge chart, but I can't guarantee the key is still valid, someone may have already registered it. I haven't tried to install it.

Looks like minimum system requirement is a Mac with 2.6ghz quad-core processor and 2gb RAM (4gb recommended) and 8 gb spare hard disk space, so my MacBook Pro would have been pushing it anyway.

Anyway, if anyone IN THE UK is interested and wants to make a donation to charity it's yours. Postage will be £1.26 and I'd like a minimum of a couple of quid which I'll pass on to Cancer Research UK. But I need to stress that I can't guarantee the registration key is still valid.

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