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Another RPG bundle of holding offer - Lost Lands

This started yesterday but for various reasons I didn't get around to posting it, for which apologies. This is another system and setting I don't know much about, but here's the description courtesy of Alan Varney:

"Lost Lands," a collection of old-school Pathfinder adventures (if that's not a contradiction) published by Frog God Games for its Lost Lands setting. Frog God, heir apparent to
Necromancer Games, has been slowly publishing bits and pieces of this campaign world. The Lost Lands is retroactively encompassing locations seen in nearly every Necromancer adventure, as well as the Razor Coast line I presented in December 2014.

This Lost Lands offer runs until Thursday, July 30

STARTER COLLECTION (US$5.95 - retail value $35)
  • Lost City of Barakus ($20)
  • Lost City of Barakus Player's Guide ($5)
  • Maps of the Lost Lands:
    • Sinnar Coast Region Map ($4)
    • Akados Region Map ($4)
    • Barakus - Wilderness and Endhome Maps ($2)
BONUS COLLECTION (threshold starts at $18.95 - retail value $53)
  • Stoneheart Valley ($16)
  • Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1 ($17)
  • Northlands Saga 1-4 ($20)

All of these are PDFs without DRM copy protection.

The way that this works is that the sooner you buy this, the cheaper the bonus collection. There are also going to be mystery items added to the bonus collection during the course of the sale - not allowed to say what. Anyone who buys the Bonus Collection will get them when added.

Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) goes to this offer's designated charity, Reading is Fundamental.

Usual caveat - The main reason I know about this offer is because I'm on the list to get this stuff free if I want it. In this case I probably don't, but if I thought it was a bad deal I'd say so.
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