Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Some blasts from the past

I've been using the slide copier gizmo on some of my oldest slides, and a few from my parents. It's a bit of a pain because it can only copy a portion of the slide equivalent to the size of the DX camera sensor, which is smaller than 35mm film, and needs bright sunlight to work, but it's good enough for family purposes. So here's me at various ages:

Circa 1955-6 (I think); my sister is in the red dress. I would be 2 or 3. Not sure who took these, I think a friend of the family.


May 1963, aged 10, again with my sister who would be 12 then. I think the photographer was a tenant who lived above my mother's shop at that time and kept several pets in our greenhouse, including a monkey.


and July 1973. Just me aged 20... already beardy! Not a very good photo, unfortunately, due to my mum being crap with any camera more complicated than a box brownie.

I'm probably not going to copy every picture, a lot of them are naff and it takes a fair while. But these are by far the oldest so I wanted to get them done right away. What I may do is send some off to a copy service, looks to cost around £8 to get a hundred slides scanned, copied onto DVD, and returned.

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