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Victimised... and Diana Cover

Got home last night to find a message on my answerphone asking me to call someone with the name of one of my nieces, and sounding a lot like her, at an unfamiliar number. So I called, and it turned out to be someone from the police "victim support unit". Following Saturday's incident it appears that I am now officially a victim of violent crime (rather than a klutz who squashes little old ladies). Got one lot of leaflets from them in the post yesterday, and another today from a different office. Everyone's being very helpful and supportive...

Except that it's beginning to feel VERY annoying. I've got a bruised finger (not broken, thank Cthulhu), and apart from being that and being a little annoyed and embarassed I'm fine. I really don't want to think of myself as a victim, bearing in mind what happens to victims in most of the fiction I read. Can't I just go back to being a guy with a sore finger?

In better news, a preview version of the colour cover for Diana Warrior Princess is on line; it's a big (370k) file, but absolutely gorgeous. Address is

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